It was worse then we thought... when we came home after the evacuation everything was under water... The damage was devastating and although we had fire insurance, we weren’t sure what the best way to go about it was. A neighbor recommended us to First Adjustment Group. First Adjustment Group helped us work with our insurance company to get the most from all aspects of our claim.

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What People Say About Us

When the terrible tragedy of a house fire struck us, you were there to guide and help us along the way. Your staff went beyond basic support and professionalism at every instance. The destruction of our house was a terrible time in our lives and your efforts to help us get the most in return and make it right was extraordinary.

Anthony & Ann McCann

I hear more and more families that have had one disaster or another. When they approach me, my first words are “go and talk to First Adjustment Group before you agree to anything”. Words cannot express my deepest appreciation for everything you have done for my family and myself. Our flood was a disaster, our loss was great, but with you and your staff on our side, we were able to put our lives back together piece by piece. Your professionalism, your knowledge and most of all your compassion and dedication is what held us together.  

Luciana Maneri

Once we signed on with First Adjustment Group, Inc., they took charge. They were there for everything we needed to take care of, like the insurance company, making sure that all our items that needed to be replaced was, and making sure that my house was put back together. I would recommend this group. They were reliable and they made our lives a little more pleasant.

Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Hammond

Medford, NY
You and the staff of First Adjustment Group were always helpful and stayed that way until the final settlement was reached. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody. Again, our sincere thanks for getting us through one of the most stressful times of our lives.

Michael and Dawn Kirschenheiter

East Islip, NY